What a Great Gift.

Whether it is an hour of joy in the 172 or some time in a twin.

Better yet how about the Ultimate Gift.
 Time at the controls of a 1941 Airliner!
Not a simulator The Real Thing.

The Douglas DC-3 once used by John Travolta not to mention its role in the movie "Bad Boys"

Vacationing in Florida?

What a treat for the Man or Woman you love.
Time in the air and
At The Controls over Central Florida and the Atlantic Ocean.
 You do not have to have a pilots license to experience it!

The ultimate Sight Seeing Tour!
Click Here to see what I mean!

Don't just ride. Take the controls yourself!
Fly in confidence with an instructor with over 24000 (yes that is thousand) hours in the air.

Call now to book Your Ultimate Gift!

George or Lauren McCallman
Email: Info@McFlyers.com



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